By using this system, liquids with micro volume can be transferred, mixed or divided by highly accurate operations. In future, high through-put and standardized DNA/RNA sample normalization and PCR system preparation can be performed automatically by the system and then the standardization of sample preparation, the whole operation process and the test results can all be achieved.


High Efficiency Operations

Automation replaces manual operations

High Through Put

Up to 196 samples can be processed simultaneously

Standard Process

Accurate completion of fluid transfer operation

Binary Channel Liquid Handler

Two pipette arms, working delicately and quickly

Accurate Results with Less Errors

Standard operation, reduce experimental error

Environmental Protection

Closed environment to ensure the safety of samples and experimenters

With the increasing demand for medical detection and the increasing demand for the efficiency and accuracy of experiments, PCRready can work efficiently and meet the increasing demand for experiments

Swift and Stable

Movement speed 50cm/sCV for transferred liquid volumes<5%CV for PCR results<3%

Binary Channel

2 channels can work smoothly together

Precision Movements

Precise movements like mixing, blowing and suction can be performed automatically

Liquid Volume Monitoring System

Real-time liquid level tracking and pipette tip position and movement adjusting


Collision monitoring, Alarm for errors, Reminder for completion, etc.

With the latest Windows10 system, visual operation process, template can be reused, improve the use efficiency

Windows 10 based Operation System

Operating by touching iconic interfaces

System interface designed to mirroring the workbench

Data Transfer by WIFI and USB


Modularized arrangements for reagents, samples and experiment supplies   in workbench blocks.


Customized working plans with different numbers and positions of the samples, solutions and supplies can be set by different experiment plans.


Compatible with major brand supplies and all kinds of PCR testing kits

With the increasing number of experimental projects, some of the experiments may cause harm to the experimenters or the experimental environment. In order to prevent such incidents, PCReady has built in a number of safety protection systems

Visible Flip Safety Door

Real-time visible movements

Large operation areas while open

HEPA Air Purification System

High efficient air purification to ensure the cleanness of the working areas

UV Sterilization System

Sterilization before and after usage

Automatic shut off during operation

Workbench Temperature Controller

Maintaining the low temperature of the workbench for better sample and system qualities

Tested and qualified for clinical usage. NMPA Medical Equipment Registration No. 20200083.

Thank you for choosing PCReady. We will still provide after-sales service after that. Please feel free to use it

Tech Support

Instrument installation, modulation and training

Experimental plan design and Q&A

Experimental Supplies

Compatible with major brand experimental supplies

Filter pipette tips provided


Routine HEPA filter change

Routine onsite maintenance in the first year

System Update

Regular OS update

Please watch the video of the operation of PCReady

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