Hypochlorous acid water is colorless transparent with light disinfectant smell. It can be stored in dark and enclosed environment for a long time.

BaihuikangHypochlorous Acid Disinfectant can be used for the sterilization of public areas, food, appliances and human skins without residues left.


The sterilization spectrum of Hypochlorous acid is as wide as pentanediol used in medical scenarios, which means all kinds of bacteria, virus, fungi and spores can be eliminated and there will be no drug resistance after usage.

Elimination of corona virus like SARS-Cov can be shorter than 15 seconds.


Application Scenarios & Comparison of Commonly Used Disinfectants

Under the same solution concentration and working environment, the sterilization effect of Baihuikang will be 8 times stronger than 84 Disinfectant and the speed of sterilization is 80 times faster.

Use Baihuikang Baihuikang Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant User Manual.pdf

Medical Equipment: Soaking, irrigation and wiping

Human Skin:Spraying to certain part and nearby areas

Air:Spraying in enclosed spaces

Hands:Soaking or coating both hands and forearms

Items:Spraying the surface and wiping

Textile:Spraying or soaking

Water Supply Equipment:Spraying the internal surface and irrigation

Fruits and Vegetables:soaking or spraying, draining after 5 min

Tableware:Spraying the surface and irrigation by clean water after 5 min

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